What makes a community stronger more than anything else? Good Health Standards is the top answer!

Optimum Prime Research Awareness

Optimum Prime Research Awareness has taken upon its shoulders the responsibility of educating people about the dangers of community health problems and what are the ways to mitigate them. There are many ways to create awareness. We strive to impart education in a fun and interactive way so that the maximum people participate and benefit from our initiative.

What do we do differently?

We have designed some awareness programs so that as many people as possible can come be a part of it voluntarily and learn the benefits of being informed.†Community is where people live together in a closed knit environment and any good or bad thing has a direct bearing on every oneís lives. If there is celebration on festivals there is also a collective issue of community related health problems. There are some very common ones like obesity, pollution, neighbourhood violence, substance abuse, alcohol etc.†The first step to solve a problem is to acknowledge that there is a problem. There is a strong to wake people from a deep slumber or denial that there is nothing wrong. We ignore so many health related issues on a daily basis that it has almost become a pestilence.†

Know your Food Day

The idea behind a dedicated food day is to educate people about the importance of healthy food in our daily lives. By knowing this, you can substantially reduce the risk of contracting diet related diseases. We encourage children to learn from us and then impart this knowledge in their communities so that we can cover as much ground as possible.

Obesity is a Disease

For many people, obesity is just an inconvenience because you cannot wear fashionable clothes and canít look as attractive as skinny models. However, obesity is not a condition but a disease. This disease has several other health related problems attached to it like diabetes, risk of heart failure etc. We are trying to address this issue by advocacy, engagement, programs etc.

Knowledge Platform

We encourage volunteers to keep themselves up to speed about our new programs that we are rolling out to educate people about the importance of healthy lifestyle. We impart trainings to volunteers so that they further spread the word in their community, thereby creating awareness as well as informed set of people to understand and act accordingly.

Healthcare at its very Best!

Health is a very important issue that needs immediate attention and as well as much awareness as possible. People are unaware of the risks they put themselves on a daily basis owing to their hectic lifestyles. We are under a lot of peer pressure to do things that will keep us within the social groups without realizing the consequences and life time health consequences.Due to this reason, it has become all the more necessary that we bring together social awareness programs by way of advocacy and other means so as to educate maximum people about the dangerous implications of following certain trends just so that we are socially acceptable.


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