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Sexual Health App Launched

Sexual Health App Launched

Our sexual health has a big role to play in our overall health and only if we are sexually satisfied and healthy, we can concentrate on other facets of life with maturity and wisdom. People who don’t enjoy sexual health or don’t attach much importance to it find it tough to enjoy success in other areas of their lives too because sexual health has as important a role in the lives of human beings as body fitness and peace of mind. 

Your sexual health is not just defined by your sexual activity but also by whom you discuss your sexual activities with and how confident you are of the sexual choices you make. You can consider yourself sexually healthy when you make wise choices when having sex (protected sex unless you want to conceive, birth control pills etc) and when you know your body’s sexual cycle very well too (periods for females). 

It is important for everyone to be very considerate about their sexual health especially seeing the rise of STIs like gonorrhoea and problems related to fertility growing as a result of their prolonged presence in the body of both males and females. However, keeping track of everything is tough and this is why a new sexual health app by the name of Ruby has been creating a lot of buzz. 

Ruby- the New Sexual Health From the Makers of Glow

Max Levchin, the co-founder of PayPal, was one of the main masterminds behind the fertility app Glow which was launched a couple of years back. The same group, after finding success with Glow, has now forayed into sexual health with the new app ‘Ruby’.  While the app ‘Glow’ basically focused on hormones so that it could tell couples about the best time to conceive a baby, the new sexual health app ‘Ruby’ is drastically different as it looks to keep you up to date with your sexual health and ensures that you break taboos that make people not talk about sexual preferences and STIs at all. 

Ruby, which is a free app, is best used when integrated in Apple’s Health app becomes a great tool for anyone who is sexually active. With a stunning resource on the contraception advice and a great number of tools that record data and keep you informed about your sexual health, the app is extremely good for everyone. 

Some of the features of the app are:

Cycles predictor

The app collects data in order to give you better predictions about your periods so that you can stay prepared. The iOS records a lot of data on its own while Ruby records some of the data too and when the data is combined after the integration of Ruby with Apple’s Health app, the predictions become very accurate. 

Sexual Health Resource

There are a lot of facts about sexual health, about the use of contraceptives, about unplanned pregnancies and about STIs shared by the app and this helps you gain knowledge and awareness that can help you in making wise sexual decisions.

Sexual Community Network

There is a small network as well where people can ask each other questions and get replies about all topics related to sexual health. Whether you want to talk about STIs or contraceptives, nothing is considered a tabooed topic. This helps as talking with people helps in gaining more knowledge which would obviously help you in the longer run. 

STIs and the Need for Better Sexual Awareness

The launching of the app Ruby is also good in the sense that there is a great need for better sexual awareness among both males and females. The STI numbers are on the rise right now and it won’t come down until people don’t become smart about their sexual choices. There are two major problems which have led to an increase in infections like Gonorrhea and chlamydia

The first one is that people don’t consider protected sex a viable option even though it can help in ensuring that the infection is not transferred sexually during intercourse. The other problem is that people who are sexually active don’t take STI tests regularly just to confirm that they are not carrying a transmittable virus in their body. Even with sexual health information readily available, the people who take these tests remain very low. This is not down to accessibility but down to a basic lack of awareness when it comes to STIs.

Full sti screens are now available online and with apps like Ruby, it is difficult to see how people cannot start making the right choices when it comes to their sexual health. 


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